give love, get love: Kind words from past participants

"The Restore Your Roar experience helped me to see my body differently and most importantly, I'm seeing myself differently. I'm more courageous because I feel so supported and inspired by my life. Being in a tribe of amazing Goddesses in the most beautiful place in the world helped me to see my beauty and I'm trying to hold onto and practice these lessons every day. Even the days when I'm at my lowest I close my eyes and think of the sunrise Shrink Session we did, and I say the mantras "it's all working out, it's all getting done, I am confident, I release my doubts." This memory brings me sun rays on the darkest, rainiest days. That retreat was the best act of self love I have ever done in my life. And I plan on doing way more acts of self love. It took me 40+ years to get here, and I can't wait to see what's next."

-- Nikki, NYC

"I am inspired and grateful to be part of this group of strong and life-affirming women. I have had some life changes since our time at Kalani, including being hired for a new job after 24+ years at the same place. My new job will allow me to work from home which is something I've dreamt of! 

I am motivated to want to be my best self, which is a stronger and healthier 56 year old person...all this motivation for change started in our group in January. I don't know what tomorrow will bring, but I can tell you I'm feeling alive and full of gratitude today! Sharing the week at Kalani has given me an upgrade from meow to glad I listened to my inner voice, and got on that plane to Hawaii!"

-- Jayne, Massachusetts

"My experience at Restore Your Roar on the Big Island of Hawaii was profoundly transformational. It was one of the few times in my life where I felt truly and unconditionally loved, accepted, supported, and nurtured on ALL levels -- by nature, by fellow participants, and importantly, by the two amazing organizers, Olivia and Amanda. These two impressed me simply by who they are and how they walk their talk. The two of them possessed the creativity, talent, wisdom, and capacity to "hold the space" for some deep emotional releasing and transforming that occurred for me and the others while at the retreat. 

I had reached a critical point that brought me to a state of crisis and emotional paralysis. I knew that something had to give. I signed up on a whim and a prayer. Little did I know what magic and delight, laughter and joy, ecstatic bliss and all out merry mayhem would follow!

This retreat burned to my core some deep mis-held and toxic belief systems that I was carrying around with me. I created a new standard, a new empowering belief system, a new set of amazing friends that have all propelled and inspired for me a future I had always dreamed of but never thought deserving or capable of. I will be forever grateful for the Roar Goddesses and consider myself a proud member of this tribe of powerful, inspiring, and earth-shaking women. Mahalo. Mahalo. Mahalo. ROAR!"

-- T.T., Canada

“Amanda, a friend of mine showed me your Roar burlesque dance. I watched it over and over. And I cried because your story validated everything I was thinking and believed. You gave me strength to push back for honesty. Your story inspired power, and it exuded sexy and beauty. It spoke for what I believe in but was told was wrong. 

What you are doing, what you say and what you stand for is everything I believe. Because of your courage, your ferocity, and your light, I’m learning to find my voice, learning to really let go and be my awesome human self. You are an absolutely stunning inspiration.”

-- Amanda, Illinois

“I found tears coming down my face at the conclusion of my first Shrink Session class with Olivia. They were tears of happiness and revelation. Her class gives me energy and gives me life. I believe it takes a very special person and soul to teach this class. Olivia is a supportive, fun and fabulous instructor. She is an inspiration and a positive light. I am grateful every day that I allowed and welcomed the beauty and power of Shrink Session into my life!”

-- Rachel, NYC

“Olivia brings her deepest self to her teaching and gives 100% of her heart and energy. The spirit in the room that she creates is really wonderful, simply because of the true self she brings to class. When you work out with her, you feel not only your body but your soul guided to a higher place."

-- Julie, NYC

*All photos credited to Restore Your Roar 2015 participant Lauren MorrisonExtreme gratitude for capturing these moments on camera and sharing them with all of us!