What is the best way to get to Hawaii?

You will fly to Hilo Airport (ITO), and we recommend arriving in the afternoon so that you still have daylight to see the beauty around you. Hawaiian Airlines is known for great service, yummy meals and drinks, personal TVs, and comfort; however, US Airways, United Airlines, American Airlines, and many more fly to the Big Island.

Landing in time to catch this is worth that 6am flight, no?

What happens when my plane touches down in Hilo?

Well, first things first, you get lei’d! The airport is small and very easy to navigate. You’ll see Kalani signs waiting for you at baggage claim where a driver will help you with your bags and transport you to Kalani, which is 45 minutes from the airport. Once arriving at Kalani, you’ll check in, pay your balance if you haven’t already, and be shown to your room. (Check in is at 4 PM.)

How do I get to Kalani?

Kalani offers a shuttle service to and from the airport. The shuttle costs $60 for one person, or $45 if there are multiple people in the shuttle. After you register, Kalani will reach out to help you co-ordinate this part of your journey. 

Can I drink the water?

You can, but it's a little brackish. There are filtered water fountains all over property, and as we are staying in the Ocean Vista, we’ll have our own water, too.

Can I smoke/drink alcohol?

There are designated smoking areas on property. While there is no alcohol for purchase on the property, it's perfectly alright to purchase it in town and bring it back with you. However, you'll find that alcohol can be tricky in the humid jungle conditions, and most people live without it for the time they have on Kalani property. Trust us: we're gonna be on endorphin highs from all the dance parties!

Why is space limited?

We think that 14 participants is a wonderful number for a re-boot camp where intimate sharing and intense grooving is going to be taking place. Also, the two private spaces we have reserved for us will comfortably hold 14 women. So, logistics.


Retreat pricing will be updated upon confirmation of the retreat.