21 Ways to Get What You Want

Hey friends! 

I know I briefly mentioned that I am part of an awesome tele-summit in my last post, and I am psyched to share the details with you here. It's Day 4, so get on it!

You probably know this familiar feeling — that overwhelming sensation that you can't get what you want, whether it's in business, life, or love. I know — it's probably something you'd only confess to your friend over a few glasses of Pinot at the bar as you cry into the cocktail peanuts, but rest assured, you're not alone. In fact, not only do most people gripe about not getting what they want, but they don't even know how.  So what's their solution? Instead of figuring out exactly what they're dissatisfied with in their inability to reach their goals, they order another round. But if there's one thing that we all know, it's that another glass of wine ain't gonna solve the problem.

But what about this? What if you had an easy way to...
Figure out what you want
Make that vision crystal clear
Tackle the barriers, excuses, and doubts between you and that dream
Act on that vision
Really get to the live the life of your dreams

Well, guess what? You can. For a limited time, you can figure all of that out. My friend Dr. Liz Lasky, LCSW, PhD – a coach, therapist, social worker, and all around phenomenal, empowering woman – is sharing her video telesummit called 21 Ways to Get What You Want in Business, Life, and Love, in which she interviews a select bunch of experts. I'm  proud to be part of the bunch interviewed for this series.  And not only that,  IT’S TOTALLY FREE HERE. Liz is THE PERSON to go to on this topic. She's a master at getting what you want, and she'll make sure that you become one, too. And need I mention again that it's free? How about taking that extra money and bringing it over to the bar as you trade in your tear-stained beverage for a celebratory glass of wine?

You’ve got to check it out — and remember, the offer is only for a limited time. So what are you waiting for? Stop standing still.  Click here to register for 21 Ways to Get What You Want in Business, Life, and Love. Because trust me — you totally can get what you want. All you have to do is make the first move — or in this case, the first click.

Love love love,

PS –  Like what you see in the telesummit interview series? Join us here!