Trick or treat!

Remember how there was always one house in your neighborhood that gave out the best candy? Like, full sized candy bars? Consider that honor taken by us this Halloween:

In addition to the fresh mangoes, pineapple shaped water bottles and renewed sense of confidence we'll be handing out at Restore Your Roar: a Re-boot Camp in January, we've got a very special treat for you today.

We've only got two spots left before we have a full retreat, and we want a freaking full retreat!* Amanda and I are excited to offer $100 off to the next two people who sign up.

*In reality, we have more than two spots left in the retreat, but two more until it's officially considered full. Blah blah logistics...just get that discount!

We've got a great video to share, and we promise it will put a smile on your face. Billy Kenoi is the mayor of Hawai'i County (aka the Big Island) and he was the speaker at Hawaii Pacific University's commencement this June. He is living and breathing authentic aloha in every word of this speech. (Sidenote: I was just watching this and my co-worker asked me which stand-up comedian I was watching!)  My favorite part is when he says that "any obstacle, hurdle or barrier is just meant to go over, around or through." Watch and get a taste of what you're going to experience this January. Trust us, you're gonna want what he's having.

You may have heard about Kīlauea, the volcano that is currently erupting on the Big Island. Its lava flow is wreaking havoc in the small town of Pahoa in the Puna district. The lava is moving slowly and is about sixty feet wide at its tip, so it's not so much that it is wiping out towns, but it is beyond stressful for Pahoa's residents. They've known the lava is coming for about two months, but it's been tense as they wait in anticipation of when and how and where. This week they finally were given the word to evacuate and the schools are closed til further notice. Please take a moment to send your love and prayers and good vibes to these people as they wait in uncertainty. The best way to keep updated on this situation is to watch videos directly from the Big Island here.

What does this mean for Restore Your Roar? Well, other than making our trip to Volcano National Park much more interesting, it doesn't affect us at all. Kalani, our retreat site, is about 20 miles away from Pahoa and nowhere in the projected path of the lava. Here's an NYC visual: think Washington Heights is the volcano and the lava is headed right down Broadway to Wall Street...but Kalani is in Queens. Although the lava could cut off the highway, county officials started building new roads months ago in anticipation of this lava flow and by the time you arrive to restore and re-boot, the new roads will be open for us to use.

We are so obsessed with all the magic we've got planned for our retreat. I can't stop daydreaming about Ecstatic Dance, the “hippie church” we're attending on Sunday morning of the retreat. It's a barefoot, non-verbal party with a DJ playing electronic dance music for two hours and you just have. An. Experience. Honestly, I don't even fully know what it is, but I want it.

There are only 75 days until the party begins. We hope we see you there (and that you were one of the lucky ones who saved $100!).

'Oi kau ka lau, e hana i ola hanua. 
Live your life while the sun's still shining. 

Olivia & Amanda

21 Ways

This post first appeared in Dr. Liz Lasky's telesummit "21 Ways to Get What You Want in Business, Life & Love" and on Amanda Trusty Says. It's 21 Ways to get you feeling effing fabulous, and fast, because we don't always have time to do a 90 minute restorative yoga class, ya know what I mean? Enjoy!

Now is the only time we've got. Sometimes the days can feel endless, especially if we’re stuck at a shitty job, or in a crappy relationship, or just plain feeling worn out by the daily grind, but life itself is short. It’s fleeting.

Today is a perfect day to feel amazing. Today is an ideal day to do something big. Today is a great day to walk away. Today is a wonderful day to say “I love you.” Today is the day.

If not now, when? If not you, who?

I want to share a toolkit I put together for you. In the spirit of doing things and feeling good NOW, it’s 21 prompts to get you feeling fab FAST. Each one has a suggested time limit because I know you’re busy and have things to do, but please, I beg of you, don’t let your things get in the way of your life. Dive in and pick one (my personal faves are 1, 10 and 21).

Say yes. Feel good today. Don’t wait. Don’t die hesitating.



Close your eyes. (Do it! we’ve only got one minute!) Take 5 really deep breaths. Silently say “All is well” on every inhalation, and “it is done” on every exhalation. THAT’S IT. The power of the breath, y’all.


How many beautiful things can you notice in your immediate surroundings in two minutes? On your mark, get set, GO!


Get up. Yes, now! Put a great tune on (may I suggest THIS or THIS) and dance it out. If you’re feeling down, this is gonna lift you up and if you’re already feeling groovy, this is only gonna take you higher. Endorphins, here you come!


Did you know you can search “virtual vacation” on Youtube and watch videos of beach scenes with relaxing music? Check out of reality for a few minutes and take a beach break while you take deep breaths (and dream of a poolside smoothie!). May I suggest this tour of Kalani, home to Restore Your Roar?!


I know you know that you are always being supported by a benevolent and loving Universe. but who else could we add to your list of cheerleaders? Write out a list of every single person who is rooting for you. You’re never alone. Life itself is on your side.


Write a list of all the things at which you are a straight up expert. NOTHING IS TOO SMALL! If you are the only person who can get your nephew to stop crying when he’s tired, then you are an expert! If you know an absurd amount about cheese from a stint as a server in a Swiss restaurant (ahem), you are an expert! If you can throw a football in a sweet spiral, then you are an expert spiral thrower! Don’t be shy!


Buy a few scratch off lottery tickets (say, five of the $1 ones). Hand them out with a penny to the people behind you in line. You can spread so much excitement and happiness for 5 bucks and 5 cents!


What do you want your life to look like in one year? Write it out and here’s the kicker: write it out with CERTAINTY. Write it as if you are POSITIVE IT WILL HAPPEN. You can do this for any amount of time in the future. Visualize, intend, and get ready to magnetize.


Write down 10  things you are grateful for, ten things you are excited for, and five BRAGS. Yes, that’s right: brag about your bad self.


Wanna feel like a Queen? Lavish praise on someone! Receive fabulous service in a store? Grab a manager on the way out and compliment the employee. Are your garbage collectors unfailingly polite and smiling, even while they do their dirty job? Call your town and praise them. Fill out that survey listed on your receipt and leave positive feedback. Write a glowing Yelp review. Please trust me when I say this feels amazing and you will be hooked!


What does your PERFECT DAY look like? How does it start? Where do you wake up? Who’s there? What do you do? Where do you go? How does the day wind down? Write out your perfect day and spare NO details -- the more specific, the better. We're visualizing here, people! 


What is your dream way of spending your time? What do you never, ever, ever get tired of talking about? Listening to? Thinking about? Reading about? Learning about?

DO IT for twelve minutes.


I still get excited when I see something that isn’t junk in my mailbox, and that feeling keeps getting rarer thanks to email. Send someone a beautiful note card to let them know you’re thinking of them.


Where were you ten years ago? Five years ago? One year ago? How have you grown? How have you changed? Does your life look different than you thought it would? What miracles have you experienced? What lessons have you learned? 


Often, the silver lining to mistakes we make is the lesson we learn. In the spirit of generosity (and to remind yourself what a smart genius you are), fill in the blanks:

So you screwed up and did _________. Here's how to fix it: __________________.


You know how we all love hearing the backstories behind the successes of our favorite stars? Like how Jon Hamm was a teacher and Kristen Wiig sold peaches before hitting it big? Write out YOUR True Hollywood Story, and frame everything you’ve thought of a setback or challenge as a PLOT TWIST leading up to your overwhelming success.


Write a note/email to someone you really respect and admire. Perhaps it’s your mom, maybe it’s Ryan Gosling, or your boss at your day job. Let him/her know that their skills and gifts are recognized and admired. Be specific and prepare for a contact high.


If you need advice on something that’s holding you back or causing confusion, write it out like you’re writing to Dear Abby. Then, write the answer back to yourself! YOU are the expert on YOU.


Remember when we used to use our phones to TALK to people instead of scrolling through your various feeds? Call someone that you know doesn’t use social media etc to stay connected. Savor the thrill of filling him/her in your delicious life, and enjoy the feeling of hearing how your friend is doing/feeling straight from his/her mouth instead of a status update.


One of my specialties is doing a story flip: when I feel like things are falling apart/crappy, I flip that shit around and write a new story. Here’s an example of one of mine from a particularly disastrous morning:

My old story is that I booked a perfect plane ticket to visit Rich today...except for the fact that I had to leave at 630 am for Newark, and I got home from work at midnight. Well, I got up so early that I was ready to go and decided to set my alarm for an extra ten minute snooze. Obviously, that was a terrible idea. The next flight to Savannah is majorly inconvenient for so many reasons, but that's the flight I'm on, so here is my new story:

I am an amazing independent woman who figured out the best way to deal with a mess at 730 am on a Saturday. I made the best decision I could. I am going to fly into Savannah like the hot New York woman I am, wearing a hot outfit for the show and cast party I am attending tonight. My hair and makeup is perfect, I am a brilliant packer so I have one tiny suitcase, and my dress is hot. I will arrive in Savannah, pick up the car I rented at 730 this morning, and drive myself to Hilton Head Island because I am smart, savvy and independent, and I am fearless. I will arrive at the theater with ample time, and take my seat in the front row. The first time I see my husband will be when he opens the show wearing a tux and we will share a look of love and apology and humor. The show will be amazing, i will have a cocktail at intermission, and we will reunite in the lobby when it's over. Then we have two and a half days to enjoy each other's company. This is actually a romantic and sexy story and I am lucky to be alive and in it.

What current story of yours do you need to FLIP? Any old beliefs you need to turn on their heads? This is a fun one, and it’s addictive! Write out the junk and then get your flip on!


Write a letter to the Universe. You can state your intention(s), write what you want to release, questions you have, anything goes. Put it in an envelope. Decorate the envelope so it is super gorgeous. Address the envelope to "The Universe." Put it in the mail.

See what happens.