Trick or treat!

Remember how there was always one house in your neighborhood that gave out the best candy? Like, full sized candy bars? Consider that honor taken by us this Halloween:

In addition to the fresh mangoes, pineapple shaped water bottles and renewed sense of confidence we'll be handing out at Restore Your Roar: a Re-boot Camp in January, we've got a very special treat for you today.

We've only got two spots left before we have a full retreat, and we want a freaking full retreat!* Amanda and I are excited to offer $100 off to the next two people who sign up.

*In reality, we have more than two spots left in the retreat, but two more until it's officially considered full. Blah blah logistics...just get that discount!

We've got a great video to share, and we promise it will put a smile on your face. Billy Kenoi is the mayor of Hawai'i County (aka the Big Island) and he was the speaker at Hawaii Pacific University's commencement this June. He is living and breathing authentic aloha in every word of this speech. (Sidenote: I was just watching this and my co-worker asked me which stand-up comedian I was watching!)  My favorite part is when he says that "any obstacle, hurdle or barrier is just meant to go over, around or through." Watch and get a taste of what you're going to experience this January. Trust us, you're gonna want what he's having.

You may have heard about Kīlauea, the volcano that is currently erupting on the Big Island. Its lava flow is wreaking havoc in the small town of Pahoa in the Puna district. The lava is moving slowly and is about sixty feet wide at its tip, so it's not so much that it is wiping out towns, but it is beyond stressful for Pahoa's residents. They've known the lava is coming for about two months, but it's been tense as they wait in anticipation of when and how and where. This week they finally were given the word to evacuate and the schools are closed til further notice. Please take a moment to send your love and prayers and good vibes to these people as they wait in uncertainty. The best way to keep updated on this situation is to watch videos directly from the Big Island here.

What does this mean for Restore Your Roar? Well, other than making our trip to Volcano National Park much more interesting, it doesn't affect us at all. Kalani, our retreat site, is about 20 miles away from Pahoa and nowhere in the projected path of the lava. Here's an NYC visual: think Washington Heights is the volcano and the lava is headed right down Broadway to Wall Street...but Kalani is in Queens. Although the lava could cut off the highway, county officials started building new roads months ago in anticipation of this lava flow and by the time you arrive to restore and re-boot, the new roads will be open for us to use.

We are so obsessed with all the magic we've got planned for our retreat. I can't stop daydreaming about Ecstatic Dance, the “hippie church” we're attending on Sunday morning of the retreat. It's a barefoot, non-verbal party with a DJ playing electronic dance music for two hours and you just have. An. Experience. Honestly, I don't even fully know what it is, but I want it.

There are only 75 days until the party begins. We hope we see you there (and that you were one of the lucky ones who saved $100!).

'Oi kau ka lau, e hana i ola hanua. 
Live your life while the sun's still shining. 

Olivia & Amanda