Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, you beautiful soul warrior! 

I am so proud of everything you did in 2013, and it was exactly enough. You did enough, loved enough, made enough, sweated enough, created enough, it was all enough. I tip my (giant, fur-lined) hat to you, and I know you will do exactly enough of what you need in 2014.

On New Year's Eve, my husband, dear friend and I decided to make vision boards. Perfect NYE activity, right? Like all normal almost-30-year-olds we put the Frozen soundtrack on repeat, ordered Chinese food and starting cutting up the piles of magazines I conveniently hoard. Everything was going beautifully- we were singing along, I was having some major revelations about the kind of year I want to have based on what images and words I was drawn to, I was scarfing down veggie mei fun like a boss...until I started thinking "well, wait a sec...this isn't really a sacred atmosphere. Should we be listening to some type of chant? Should there be candles lit? Should I have smudged the room with sage first? Wait, wasn't I supposed to write out my goals first? Why am I only cutting out words? I'm pretty sure there's MSG in this food. Where am I going to hang this? I don't have a plan for this vision board. What is MSG? I'M NOT DOING THIS RIGHT!!!!"

Hi, can I get a table for Crazy, party of one?

Happily, I was able to shut that psycho thought pattern down pretty quickly, and here's how:
By remembering that my biggest wish for 2014 was to become more myself. To listen to my intuition, feelings, and desires more than ever before. To be more Olivia. Once I remembered that, it was easy to look around and realize I was doing it EXACTLY right: showtunes ARE my sacred jams, I freaking love giant bowls of noodles, I am a word person and scented candles make me sneeze. I was making a vision board in the style of Olivia. Thus, I was doing it perfectly.

My greatest wish for you this year is that you become more yourself than ever before.

I hope you tune in to your intuition more than ever. I hope you listen to your body more than ever. I hope you speak your truth more than ever. I hope you feel your feelings harder than ever. I hope you stand by your choices more than ever. I hope you look in the mirror and feel love more than ever. I hope you are more financially abundant than ever. I hope you stretch and grow and bend and twist and cry and laugh more than ever, all in the name of becoming more yourself.

I am so excited for Shrink Session January. We'll be talking about going at our own pace, because we are all running our own race. Our mantras will help tap into self-assurance, confidence, and power and you know our dance moves will be wild and sweaty. I hope you join us. Your special light will be celebrated by a group of people who are on your side, who want you to succeed. It's such a wonderful community, and we love to expand!

It's easy to feel overwhelmed at this time of year. It feels like you're bombarded with the attitude of "OMG WE ARE ALREADY 5 ENTIRE DAYS INTO 2014 HAVE YOU LOST 15 POUNDS/GONE VEGAN/MET YOUR SOULMATE/PURCHASED A BROWNSTONE YET!??!?!" Whoa. In our gratitude list group, one beloved member begins every list by saying "I am grateful to awaken alive and well this day." It doesn't get any more beautifully simple than that, and truly, THAT's what it's all about.

May your 2014 be full of joy at waking up alive, well, and YOURSELF every day.
Happy New Year!
Olivia xxoo