Olivia Petzy is an actor, improviser, singer, host, and writer in New York City.

(She's also a birth and postpartum doula, but that's another story.)


Improvising brand new musicals with Baby Wants Candy and Shamilton at Upright Citizens Brigade on Saturday nights at 10:30!

Making up even more brand-new musicals with Warm Blooded at the Magnet Theater every Tuesday night.

Brushing up on my spelling in preparation of hosting the fifth annual New York City Spelling Bee in Bryant Park on June 27.


Told stories all over town -- most recently at the sold-out run of The Thirty-Year-Old Virgin.

Sang a cappella holiday carols all over the NYC and the tri-state area with Songful Artists

Hosted The Big Talent Show and The Magnet Musical Improv All-Star Spectacular at the Magnet Theater.

Hosted the New York City Spelling Bees in Bryant Park with Kevin James Doyle for the fourth year in a row in September. 


Performing her new show Beef Stew for the Spirit, an interactive life coaching workshop. Crystals, hot coals, and Jesus -- your dreams WILL become reality.

Producing live sing-alongs of your favorite albums with a full band, backing vocalists, and more. 


Born: In a blizzard on the fourth Thursday in November. There was a national holiday to celebrate.

Raised: With my parents and baby bro in Massachusetts.

Living: New York City (with a side of Australia).

Got educated : At Point Park University in Pittsburgh - Musical Theater, natch.

Doing: Musical improv (7+ years on house teams & weekend long-form shows at the Magnet Theater, Baby Wants Candy & Shamilton cast member). Sketch comedy (2+ years/300+ performances in  off-Broadway's How 2 B A New Yorker and like one million more shows). Stand up & storytelling (Great Times with Cory and Kevin, Jenna and Aileen Think You're Great, Sing Your Truth and more). Hosting (New York City Spelling Bee in Bryant Park five years and counting, Guides Association of New York City Annual Awards Gala at Symphony Space two years and counting, and more).

Finest moment: Forgetting to pre-set my doll prop in a Christmas show and being forced to do my big scene as the Virgin Mary holding a rolled up rag as the Baby Jesus while the man playing Joseph cries with laughter into his mic instead of singing "Mary, Did You Know?" and my future husband is dressed all in white and is literally leaping around in a lyrical combo behind me.